Asset Portfolio Performance Optimisation

Reduce Risk & Reduce Cost

Reducing risk & cost is the essence of portfolio management.
We have the solution. Many have claimed this and failed, by requiring massive admin work at multiple levels of hierarchy.
Our solution does not. Check it out. 
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Data capture

Set a cyclical capture plan with MA & be assured your property assets will be inspected on the schedule you require or are contracted for. Our average inspection cost will be a fraction of using a traditional approach.  

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MA processing

We process your aerial imagery into 3D model 'digital twins,' so we can report current conditions and issues, plus report on change over time. Our digital twins are extremely economical, and facilitate an historical picture of the asset network with connected sensors and other data. 

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Manage risk

Our platform has a number of benefits, but the key it is built around is revealing risk at a portfolio level, so that senior portfolio optimisers can manage it better. Our process and platform enables portfolio value appreciation through smarter asset portfolio optimisation. 

Asset network management with MA

Cost savings are incidental to the MA approach. Our platform is architected to reveal risk, for you to act on. 


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Easy quotation

Contact MA with your property locations, inspection frequency for a fast response. 

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Remote data capture

Our pilots capture data without interruption to operations. Your team won't need to think about it. 

Data processing

MA analysts process data into a digital twin of your asset network, with each new capture overlaid for comparison with previous ones. The digital twin contains prioritised issue notifications. 

Periodic reports

Your team will be notified of issues, grouped by risk, priority and repair estimates. Notifications will be periodic after drone data captures - or real-time if you connect live sensors.

All intelligence feeds into rectification works and high-level network risk status. 

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Enduring benefit over time

Better manage risk over time, without administrative burden on your team with our system and approach. You will improve risk profile, decrease insurance and inspection costs, lift portfolio value - asset portfolio performance optimisation will be easier and more effective than before! 

Make your life easier with MA

Improve Oversight & Reporting

Rapid remote data capture and intelligent reporting saves time, reduces risk and improves oversight. MA has more than 30,000 flights annually - trust us to capture your data. 

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(MA's platform) provides a complete view of our assets on a national scale. It has enabled our business and our facility managers, Colliers, to make decisions more quickly and with better intelligence. MA's platform offers significant advantages across our extensive asset network.


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Head of Asset Management (Australia), Industrial REIT managing 1.5m sqm roofing
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MA is deeply experienced in drone and data services and this depth of experience makes them a reliable partner. Not all drone data is equal – MA delivers top quality data that forms the basis of analysis and insight to promote asset longevity.


Harold Lancaster
Business Group Leader Asset Management Australia and APAC, GHD Engineering
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Measure Australia delivers work for Sedgwick under catastrophe insurance events, often for extended periods and in extremely difficult conditions. Measure Australia is quick to respond, rapidly deploy and delivers data to our business that we cannot gain elsewhere in the time we need it.


Alastair Campbell
Operations & Implmentation Manager, Sedgwick
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