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Drones & data for mining and quarrying

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Drone Data

Drones are ideal for data collection in mining - many sensor payloads, no site downtime, efficient & inexpensive

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Data should be processed by experts assisted by technology, depending on your exact requirements 

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Understand the options for accessing your data to best suit your business and needs

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Why start a drone programme now?

Drone and sensor hardware, data processing and storage prices have reduced to make drone data collection attractive to mining, quarry and exploration companies of all sizes. A drone programme will deliver a better result compared to traditional alternatives, at a lower cost. 

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LiDAR asset and terrain mapping (58 seconds)

Faster in every way
Faster to deploy. Faster service time. No site downtime. Fast data processing. 
Better data output
Higher-resolution data - orders of magnitude denser than alternatives. Precise and accurate results. Greater sensor versatility.
Eliminates risk to surveyors. Enables surveyors to work without exposure to risk. 
Better insights
Denser and more frequent data. Enables increased business agility. Assists improved operational and strategic decision making. 
More economical
More economical. Typically drones can collect more data, more frequently, at a lower cost compared to alternative methods. 
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The MA team is highly skilled at LiDAR laser scanning as well as complex remote deployment, enabling Squadron Resources to focus on core business.



Scott Bilben
Scott Bilben
Principal Geologist, Squadron Energy

Where should you use drone data capture in mining?

Drone data capture is better, safer and provides information for critical decision making. 
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  • Surface mapping
  • Strip planning
  • Construction monitoring
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  • Financial reporting
  • EPA and statutory reporting
  • Operational reporting
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  • Asset management (facilities)
  • Asset management (equipment)
  • Pit mapping & management
  • Stope stability
  • Overburden verification
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  • Surveying & 3D mapping
  • Tailing dam management
  • Work at height
  • Erosion oversight
  • Water composition reporting
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